Payment Accepted


Our shop usually accepts following payments :

MOST OF CREDIT AND DEBIT CARDS. We can process most of credit/debit card payments through PAYPAL gateway. Orders payed by credit/debit cards are usually shipped next working day.


PAYPAL. We accept PayPal payments. Orders payed by PAYPAL are usually shipped next working day. We don't charge any fee to the customer.


INTERNATIONAL BANKWIRE TRANSFER (SEPA). We accept bankwire transfers. If you choose this payment method you'll receive our bank account details into your e-mail at the end of the checkout process. We need to see the transfer completed into our bank account before authorizing shipment (about 2/3 working days, it depends on customer's bank). Bankwire fees are payed by purchaser.

CASH. Cash payment is possible only if you can come to our warehouse to pick up the goods or to pay an order in advance. In this case you have to warn our customer service with the exact date of your arrival and the items you need.