Payment Accepted


Our shop usually accepts following payments :

MOST OF CREDIT AND DEBIT CARDS. We can process most of credit/debit card payments through PAYPAL gateway. Orders payed by credit/debit cards are usually shipped next working day. Maximum amount € 2000,00.


PAYPAL. We accept PayPal payments. Orders payed by PAYPAL are usually shipped next working day. We don't charge any fee to the customer. Maximum amount € 2000,00.


INTERNATIONAL BANKWIRE TRANSFER (SEPA). We accept bankwire transfers. If you choose this payment method you'll receive our bank account details into your e-mail at the end of the checkout process. We need to see the transfer completed into our bank account before authorizing shipment (about 2/3 working days, it depends on customer's bank). Bankwire fees are payed by purchaser.