EUROREFRIGERANT.COM is a web site owned by the EUROREFRIGERANT SRL company.

Our company is specialized in trading of refrigerant gases and related tools for vehicle, civil, commercial and industrial applications.

Our strengths are:


-The absolute gas quality (99.9% pure) from the world's largest producers.

-The competence (derived from over twenty years experience in the field of refrigeration).

-Competitive Prices.

-The wide availability of gases even during periods of greatest demand ( spring / summer).

-Fast & professional service provided throughout EU countries.

Our usual customers are :


-Operators of vehicle air conditioning sector.

-Operators of civil and commercial air conditioning sector.

-Air conditioning / refrigeration spare parts resellers


Via Andrea Costa 14 - 21012 CASSANO MAGNAGO - ITALY

VAT-ID : IT03562250120 - REA : VA361684

Email :


Telephone support is provided only to our frequent B2B customers.