Terms and conditions of our service across Europe



1-1. The handling of fluorinated gases is now subject to the new F-GAS 517/2014 regulation. This law and its restrictions apply only to gases with high GWP value (> 1400).


1-2. If the customer has a valid F-GAS license, it is necessary to send it to us during the purchase process, by e-mail or by the form that will be received with the goods. It is also possible to write it in the order notes or through the contact form.

1-3. In the absence of an F-GAZ license, as confirmed by the local environment ministry (in cooperation with the European Community), about gas with a high GWP value, purchase is only possible if the customer declares during the checkout process that the product is intended for activities not included in art. 10 of the CEE law 517/2014 in force. In this case, the customer assumes full legal responsibility for a false declaration.

1-4. We remember that for the new law we have to keep the sales book with the names of the customers and the quantity purchased. The register is at the disposal of the authorities upon request.

1-5. Examples of activities not included in art.10 of law F-GAS 517/2014: resale, transport, export outside the UE, the first charge of sealed systems (for manufacturers / OEMs), lab tests, ecc.

1-6. With regard to all gas subject to the European F-gas law 517/2014, our company reserves the right not to send the goods and refund the order if the buyer's company/tax informations has not been entered correctly. The sales register required by the above law cannot be completed correctly without these informations.



2-1. Being our company an intra-Community operator, prices, orders, quotes and payments are processed without any VAT.

2-2. All orders for which payment has been selected by bankwire transfer are considered  canceled if no payment is finalized within 5 working days from order date. You can make another order or pay later at any time, but the priority on the availability of the goods in this case will be canceled, and the requested total amount will reflect the quotation the time of the new order.

2-3. About bankwire payments, we need to verify the payment into our bank account before shipping the goods (it takes about 2 working days since the payment has been made).

2-4. Our company reserves the right to cancel the order and refund the payment if there are prerequisites to believe that the Paypal or credit card transaction is fraudulent.

2-5. Our company applies a payment limit for payments made by credit card or paypal. See the payments page for more information. Exceeding this limit may cause delay or cancellation of the order.

2-6. It is generally possible to place only one order per day. Placing multiple/several orders during the same day may result in the cancellation of the same and limitations on your account.



3-1. None of our delivery method involves delivery by appointment at fixed times, nor phone calls by the driver.

3-2. Our company is not responsible for delivery delays due to force majeure, fortuitous events, carriers mistakes or temporary unavailability of goods.

3-3. Our company is not responsible for failed delivery due of consignee absent, wrong order address/postal code, name not on the intercom, missing intercom code or similar problems. Moreover, in these cases the customer will have to worry and probably bear the costs of phone calls to the courier express customer service to obtain informations and/or request new delivery attempts.

3-4. Please take care of your order and check your shipping status daily using the tracking number that you received. In case of delivery problems the package will be rejected to sender within 5 days. Then, you will be charged of double shipping fees if you want a new shipping.

3-5. Our company is not responsible for any loss/damage/theft for which you must claim against the carrier.Shipping fees added during checkout process don't include any insurance. However, if you make a formal complaint within 30 days against the carrier, our company may open a dossier to ask for a refund.

3-6. Please check the goods received at the time of delivery or few minutes later. Any complaints for lack of goods in the packages will be accepted within 48 working hours from the actual delivery.

3-7. Any delivery times notified by our customer service are indicative and shipping costs are not refundable for late delivery.

3-8. Some remote locations (such as Corse, Greek Islands, British Islands, high mountain villages etc. ) require high shipping costs that our website is not able to calculate automatically. In this case our company reserves the right to request an extra shipping fee and to refund completely the order if the customer refuses to pay it.

3-9. Please consider that about certain products we have monthly sales limit and quantitative restrictions. Please refer to the related page before to buy big quantities.

3-10. Please consider that we don't make any exportation outside CEE countries. For this reason we cannot provide : documentation about air/sea transport, additional codes / informations, additional packaging.

3-11. During summer period a delay of 2/3 days on orders dispatching may occur due to the large amount of orders / queue.

3-12. With regard to all gas subject to the European F-gas law 517/2014, our company reserves the right not to send the goods and refund the order if the buyer's company/tax informations has not been entered correctly. The sales register required by the above law cannot be completed correctly without these informations.


4-1. Billing is intended only for commercial customers who have properly registered all company data (inlcuding INTRACOM VAT or other fiscal identification number ).

4-2. Local regulations concerning e-commerce do not involve the mandatory issue of the invoice to private customers nor to customers which have not correctly entered all company data during the purchase.

4-3. If you need an invoice for your purchase, be sure to have it few days after the delivery of the goods. If this does not happen, it is recommended to request it directly to our customer service within first 7 days of the month following the purchase.

4-5. No invoice can be made / registered after first 7 days of the month following the purchase if company data haven't been properly provided.



5-1. All items are subject to a 12 months CE warranty.

5-2. Warranty is subject to our laboratory (or our supplier laboratory) audit which determines the nature of the failure.

5-3. Customers have to use their own carrier to send the goods and pay shipping fees at first. If the warranty will be granted we'll refund the shipping costs.

5-4. Warranty concerning net weight of gas is applied exclusively if the seal of the cylinder is intact.

5-5. Warranty on the kits manometer/gauge is applied exclusively if there is no sign of overpressure / high pressure.

5-6. About weight lack (or excess) we give notice that concerning these recipients our filling systems work with the standard 2.5% EU/CEE commercial tolerance due to operating temperature variations.


6-1. Customers can return the goods for refund (or change) within 10 days from delivery. We can refund the goods value once we verified that the goods are returned in well condition, not used and with the seals intact. In this case, the customer have to send the goods back with its own carrier and pay for it.

6-2. Any dispute for incorrect goods is accepted only within 10 days of delivery. Please always check the goods received as soon as possible.


7-1. Our company is not responsible for any direct and indirect damage caused by goods sold by our company due to misuse, abuse, or use in non-compliance environment.

7-2. About refrigerant gases please observe the precautions lsted in safety data sheets.


8-1. The items appearance may vary from pictures available on the site, while maintaining unchanged technical features.

8-2. Depending on stock availability, small bottles (1/2 Lt) can be provided in the steel or aluminum version without notice.

8-3. All cylinders are new mint unless specifically stated into product details  that they are refurbished.

8-4. Refurbished cylinders may have externally signs of wear, scratches or lack of paint.


9-1. All personal informations registered during checkout  process (or received by e-mail) are stored in full compliance with current regulations for privacy.

9-2. Customers e-mail will never be entered into databases or third-party advertisers.

9-3. Credit/debit cards data used for payments are NOT stored into our servers. They are managed directly and exclusively by the secure servers of the bank circuits used during the transaction.