Empty cylinders pick up service

Because of logistic reasons, we don’t directly refill customers cylinders anymore. Anyway, we can pick up the empty cylinders and pay for them or issue a discount voucher.

WARNING : refrigerant gas cylinders are valid until 10 years from date of production. WE CAN'T COLLECT expired cylinders.

EXAMPLE : if you find on your cylinder a date such as 04/2012 it means that the cylinder can be used until the end of April 2022.


Our evaluation / policies

€ 6,00 (pay) € 8,00 (voucher) - each 5/7 Lt cylinder.
€ 10,00 (pay) € 15,00 (voucher) - each 10/12 Lt cylinder.
€ 30,00 (pay) € 40,00 (voucher) - each 30/40 Lt cylinder.

- We don't pick up less than 20 pcs (5/12 Lt).

- We don't pick up smaller or bigger cylinders than reported above.

- Shipping / collecting fares are not included. Ask our customer service to get a quotation. You can also use your forwarder if it's cheaper than ours.

How to send us your empty cylinder

- make a count of all your empty cylinders and its size (check also if expiration date is ok).
- contact our costumer service including your company data, pick up address, the count of the cylinders and a telephone number. We will tell you exactly how to proceed.