Empty cylinders pick up service

Because of logistic reasons, we don’t directly refill customers cylinders anymore. Anyway, we can pick up  empty cylinders and issue a discount voucher.

WARNING : refrigerant gas cylinders are valid until 10 years from date of production. WE CAN'T COLLECT expired cylinders.

EXAMPLE : if you find on your cylinder a date such as 04/2012 it means that the cylinder can be used until the end of April 2022.


Our evaluation / policies

€ 15,00  each 10/12 Lt cylinder.
€ 30,00  each 30/40 Lt cylinder.

other sizes can be collected but without giving any discount voucher.


- We don't pick up less than 20 pcs (10/12 Lt) or 10 pcs (30/40 Lt).

- Shipping / collecting fares are not included. Ask our customer service to get a quotation.

Please notice that if you send us some expired cylinders we will charge 30,00/each for disposal (this amount will be deducted from the value of the other cylinders). We strongly suggest to verify all cylinders expiration date before to package them.

How to send us your empty cylinders


Contact our costumer service through the contact form ( option "collecting empty cylinders" ) including :

-your complete company data.

-pick up address + opening hours + telephone number.

-the exact count of your cylinders.

Our customer service will answer you with all informations you need to proceed.